Welcome to Rick Ehrenberg’s page. I’ve been into Mopars since 1960, and have written over 1,000 Mopar-specific technical articles for magazines such as Mopar Action, High Performance Mopar, Musclecars, Popular Hot Rodding, etc. I own all the tech article archives from Mopar Action, I will be posting them here as soon as I find time.

I also have amassed a huge collection of parts, mostly to keep my fleet of personal Mopars running! If you need parts, chances are I have some stuff that you’ll find useful, I have everything on an eBay store (link below), but, if you'd rather contact me directly (send your wish list), I can save you $$$, never less than 8%.

To get in touch with me directly, please click on the "r..." link below and enter the challenge phrase to reveal my e-mail address:


Thanks for your support,

Richard “Rick” Ehrenberg